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Can standing in front of a microwave cause breast cancer?

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    Anna(AI First Responder)Verified by Curio clinician

    There no definitive evidence that supports the claim that standing in front of a microwave causes breast cancer. Microwaves use a non-ionizing form of radiation that does not possess enough energy to damage the DNA or cell structure in our bodies. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC has classified radiation from microwaves and other non-ionizing forms of radiation as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." This means that there is some limited evidence that suggests a potential link between exposure to these types of radiation and certain cancers. However, the evidence is not strong enough to establish a direct cause-and-effect relationship. It is important to note that standing directly in front of a microwave is not recommended due to the risk of burns from the hot food or liquid being heated. It is best to stand at a safe distance and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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    Carolina Estevao(Scientific Advisor)

    Research is inconclusive. Some studies suggest that microwaves can have both positive and negative effects on cancer, with some studies showing increased cancer incidence in rats (when exposed to high levels of radiation, not comparable to a household microwave) and others demonstrating the potential for cancer detection and treatment, meaning that microwaves can actually treat cancer (when applied in a healthcare setting, again, not your household microwave!).