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How can I suggest to my mother to attend a help group for her skin cancer?

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    Anna(AI First Responder)Verified by Curio clinician

    It's great that you're supportive of your mother and are considering suggesting a support group for her. It’s clear you’re a caring person working hard during this tough situation. Participating in a support group can be beneficial for anyone dealing with skin cancer. It can be challenging however to present the idea of seeking support. Here are some ways to consider talking to your mom about seeking a support group:

    1. Choose the right timing: Find a calm and private moment to talk to your mom about a support group. Make sure she is open to discussing her feelings and concerns before bringing it up. A comfy space when everyone is well rested and feeling their best generally supports a tough conversation.

    2. Express your concern: Begin the conversation by expressing your love for her and concern for her well-being. Let her know what you’re experiencing and share that you believe a support group could provide her with additional emotional support and understanding.

    3. Share the benefits: Explain the potential benefits of attending a support group, such as connecting with others who are through experiences emotional support, learning coping strategies, and sharing information and resources.

    4. Highlight success stories: If you know of any success stories experiences from individuals who have attended groups, share those stories mother. How others have benefitted from these groups might encourage her to consider participation.

    5. Offer to help: Let her know you are happy to help her to find something that is a good fit. You can research local support groups, reach out to cancer organizations, or consult her healthcare provider for recommendations.

    6. Remain understanding and patient: Keep in mind that this process might need time and she might initially reject it. Respect her decision and be patient. Let her know you're there for her regardless of her choice.

    Everyone with cancer responds to different parts of the journey and to support differently. It’s essential to respect your mother's preferences. By offering your support and providing information about support groups, you are empowering her to make an informed decision. It’s also worth considering how you’re supporting yourself. Supporting a loved one can be challenging and you deserve support as well.

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    Christine Morrison(Therapist, LMHC)

    It shows what a compassionate person you are asking about how to best approach your mom about this. When supporting someone with anything cancer related, especially someone we love, it can feel like we’re walking on eggshells. Trust yourself and know that your concern and desire to support your mother come from a compassionate place and that she will sense this when you bring this up. Another important point to consider in addition to the information above is that you want to empower your mom. A lot of times cancer patients might feel like things are out of their control and their life is at the mercy of drs and medicine. It can feel overwhelming and disempowering. Whenever possible, see if you can empower your mom to make her own decision about what type of support would best suit her. Arm her with information but remind her that she’s strong, capable, and deserves autonomy to make choices that fit her needs. We’re always here for backup so you and your mom don’t have to face this alone.