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what would it mean if i was on a DMT trip and felt unsettled as it seemed as though i could feel the emotional termoil of my boyfriend as i saw his face continuously changing from each emotion

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    Christine Morrison(Therapist, LMHC)

    Having an unsettling experience on any consciousness altering medication or substance can make us feel uncertain but you don't have to face this uncertainty alone. Having insights into another person's emotional state, especially someone we care about, can feel confusing and even overwhelming. Different experiences and insights can mean different things for different people so it would be useful to give yourself space and support to integrate this experience. If you're able to engage with professional support it could be helpful to talk through your experience, explore your relationship and the process the emotions you've been managing since. It's important to remember that even if you're experiencing strong thoughts and emotions, you're safe and you'll be able to manage the emotions you're faced with. If you're unable to access professional support it can be useful to journal or give yourself time to think through what this experience has brought up for you without trying to fix, change, or judge it. Simply notice what you're experiencing trying your best not to react to what you notice. Remind yourself you can tolerate strong even unsettling emotions without trying to manage them. Remember to also give yourself breaks and distraction if you become overwhelmed- engage in hobbies or things/ people that bring you joy and relief as you process your experience bit by bit.